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We offer Training Contracts across our UK offices. The process varies slightly depending on whether you chose to train in England or Scotland. To find out more about the programmes available in your region see below.

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Ultimately, we’re looking for lawyers. People with the skills to deliver exceptional work for high profile clients – and to become experts or leaders. But before all of that, we like our trainees to get a flavour of our firm and what life as a lawyer here would be like. In fact, you’ll need to have spent time with us on a vacation scheme if you want to join us as a trainee. It’s the perfect way for you to decide if you’d like to work for us, and for us to decide if you have the potential we’re looking for.

Opportunities in England Opportunities in Scotland

Your Training

We look for people with potential – for the adventurous, the ambitious, the hungry to learn. And then we give them the opportunities and training they need to thrive. It starts on our student programmes. It accelerates on our trainee programmes. And then when you’re a fully-qualified lawyer here, you’ll have access to all the learning you need to continue your development.

We want you to become an expert in your chosen area. A leader too, if that’s where your ambitions lie.

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Get a head start

We know the application process can seem complex which is why we’ve put together some hints and tips to explain how it all works. Law is a competitive field so we’ve also provided some pointers to help you make a stand-out application. You’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions in this section too.

Hints & Tips

Meet Us

If you’re ambitious, adventurous and committed to embarking on a career in law, we’d love to meet you. We run a range of events across the UK which give you the chance to meet like-minded people and find out more about what we offer.