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Life at Clyde & Co

As patterns of trade and industry become more complex, global and interconnected we work alongside clients to help them achieve their business goals.

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Our lawyers

Clyde & Co prides itself on its client-focused culture and we’re dedicated to recruiting and training the right people to help us deliver this.

Nowadays, having the technical legal skills is no longer enough. Lawyers are expected to offer clients a much broader commercial service than ever before.

You don’t need to be studying law to consider a career at Clyde & Co. Some of our best lawyers come from non-law backgrounds.

At the forefront of innovation

We understand the significance of new technology and innovation, so we're committed to remaining on the front foot as technology develops. We see innovation through two distinct lenses. The first is about meeting the changing needs of our clients through new products, services and insights. The second is about adapting and developing our own ways of working to respond to the changes in our own market.
Drive innovation

Led by our innovation board, we have developed several initiatives and products that seek to take advantage of new technologies that can disrupt and replace traditional/dated techniques.
One example is Clyde Code, the first-of-its-kind hybrid technical-legal consultancy advising insurers on every aspect of smart contracts, blockchain and tokens – from creation through to implementation and enforcement. It was founded by two of our insurance partners in conjunction with a blockchain consultancy.
And it's not just partners that get involved…

Future focused

Our Data Analytics Lab, in partnership with UCL, works to extract value from the data we hold. It is staffed by Clyde & Co lawyers – including many trainees, data science and strategy staff, and students from UCL's world-renowned computer science department.
The team use data analysis supplemented with machine learning tools to help extract value from the data the firm holds, which will allow us to improve workflow efficiency, accuracy and speed, and deliver completely new products or services for clients across sectors and jurisdictions.
We are proud of what has got us to where we are but are laser focused on what the future looks like for us and our clients and how we respond to it. We need the very best of the next generation of lawyers to help us achieve our ambitions.

Does this sound like you?

"Every day is different and more exciting than the one before."
2018 Vacation scheme student

Insight Days

Whether you’re set on law or you’re still deciding if it’s the path for you, come join us at our London or Manchester offices for an Insight Day.

Insight Days are an excellent way for you to gain real insight into our firm before you consider formally applying.

Find out more

Helping you thrive

Our support networks make sure you are able to progress and go on to have a successful and long-term career with us.
Career development meetings

These one-to-one meetings with the graduate team are an opportunity for you to:

  • Engage with us to shape your training programme and future career path
  • Discuss your goals and future expectations
  • Tell us about your achievements
  • Identify and commit to future objectives and development needs
  • Benefit from the team’s expertise

Mentor Programme

You’ll be allocated a mentor from one of our newly qualified lawyers. You will benefit from peer-to-peer support and guidance from those who have completed the training contract before you.

Pastoral Care

We recognise that from time to time our trainees may have things going on outside of work.
The graduate team is always on hand to confidentially help you deal with personal problems that might adversely impact your work performance, health and well-being.

Trainee Wellness Programme

As part of Clyde & Co’s commitment to well-being and mental health we introduced a trainee-specific wellness programme in 2018.
The programme has been tailored specifically to assist our trainees at the very beginning of their career. We recognise that having a positive mindset and the right focus are vital to succeeding in high-performing teams.
In conjunction with EnergiseYou, our wellness programme focuses on coaching powerful habit changes to improve mental health, energy, resilience and performance.

Vincent Fraser, Bright Futures Programme 2017

"The whole experience is one that I’d highly recommend to anyone, and I cannot speak any higher of the graduate team for organising such an amazing programme."

What we offer

We offer various programmes that allow you to experience what a career at Clyde & Co may look like.